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Guide - Copy Blu-ray/HD DVD Movie to Hard Drive with DVD-Cloner

Start Expert Mode of DVD-Cloner :



Step1 : Select source



Please click on the drop-down bar and select the correct HD driver or HD burner. The information of source HD movie will be displayed in the info box.


Step2 : Select target



Please click the button and select the path of hard drive. Then DVD-Cloner will copy HD movie to your computer.


1. HD DVDs can only be copied to hard drive and make sure you have enough NTFS partition space.
2. You can only select a hard drive file as target.


Step 3 : Start Copying



The Backup Process screen will be displayed and the backup will start. You can track the backup process via the progress bar.



If you would like your computer to shut down after the program is done copying, close all other programs and select "shut down computer when it is done."



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