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This is the first of the "one touch" advertised software products that really works. I couldn't believe it. One touch, even with separate USB hard drive and disc burner. It just found the files and did its job without the typical hours of head scratching to find a certain setting or combination that works or the frustrating drop out of some video programs.

I was off and running 30 seconds after installation.

My hat's off to you and your design team.

Ray Cook



Everything worked out great. The software helped me to copy home movies that gave me trouble with Nero. So thank you.



I wanted to let you know that with your help I got DVD-Cloner to work well enough that I have purchased the registration key. I switched back to express setting and though it did not ask for DVD-9 or DVD-5, it did rip and compress to DVD-5 size and create TS files. It would not create an ISO file or burn part of the ISO as the trial version is supposed to but I was satisfied enough that it worked that I registered the software. If I can't get DVD-Cloner to make and burn an ISO now that it's been registered, I will use ImgTool to make the ISO and DVDRipper to make the burn. Again thanks for the help which resulted in a sale. (We aren't all pirates.)


PS After registering but without restarting the computer or software it again ripped and compressed but would not make an ISO or burn. So I did use ImgTool to make an ISO and DVDRipper to perform a burn. The movie is great but the extras are showing a lot of digital artifacts. They aren't present in the original DVD. I checked and PowerDVD player Ver3 is up to Ver7.3 so it may be there but the DVD was not HD-DVD or Blu-ray just for your knowledge. I haven't played the backup on my HDTV to see if the digital artifacts can be seen on the TV. Thanks again.


Steve Peters



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