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DVD-Cloner 6

Overall Rating
Copy Quality(1:1 copy)
Copy the Latest Movies

Manufacturer: OpenCloner Inc.


Version: 6.70


The lowest price :$38.99 - 35% Off


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Size / OS: 6.17MB, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Requirements: 64MB RAM,10GB,DVD burner


Free Bonus Software: DVD-TO-AVI, DVD-TO- MPEG and DVD-TO-SVCD



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DVD-Cloner Review

Overall Rating :
DVD-Cloner 6, the most reliable DVD copy software in the world, features new cutting-edge functionality that makes DVD copying and blu-ray copying simple.


With this easy-to-use DVD copy software, you can copy DVD or Blu-ray easily.
With this powerful DVD copy software, you can make 1:1 DVD copy, movie only copy or customized copy, just at your pleasure.
With the SmartAnalyzer™ technology of this DVD copy software, you can copy and burn the latest DVD or Blu-ray movies.


Copy Quality(1:1 copy):
DVD-Cloner 6 makes excellent 1:1 DVD Copy - you can hardly tell any difference between the copied DVD and the original. Even the compressed DVD-9 to DVD-5 copy comes with little quality loss.


Copy the Latest Movies:

DVD-Cloner 6 updates its decryption codes per month to copy the latest DVD movies.



  • Brand-new burning engine, perfect 1:1 DVD Copy - brings you an excellent backup experience. DVD-Cloner 6 makes copies 100% same as the original, no quality loss!

  • Copies CSS-encrypted, Region- protected and Sony ARccOS protected DVD movies.

  • Perfectly synchronized audio and video.

  • Define the number of discs to be burned - great for batch copying.

  • SmartAnalyzer™ is an innovative and unique DVD copy technology developed by DVD-Cloner. The latest version utilizes SmartAnalyzer™ to ensure the highest level of successfully copying latest DVD movies

  • Previews the main movie, extras and menus.

  • Splits DVD-9 into two DVD-5s with all the special features and menus.

  • Smart Help Tech - Intelligently detects errors during the copying and prompt you how to deal with them.

DVD-Cloner 6 is the DVD copy software that has really speedy burning speed. In our test the whole copy process took less than 40 minutes.


All in all, we highly recommend DVD-Cloner 6 for your DVD backup purpose. From its user-friendly interface to high copy quality and their tech support, it's an all around solution that we are quite sure you will like it as well. You can also enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee from OpenCloner Inc.

Once you have purchased DVD-Cloner 6, You'll get FREE DVD-TO-AVI, DVD-TO-MPEG and DVD-TO-SVCD applications. They'll save you $ 74.85!

DVD-Cloner Bonus Software

Bonus Software of DVD-Cloner 6:

  • DVD-TO-AVI backs up DVD movies with fine audio and video effect.

  • DVD-TO-MPEG converts DVD to MPEG fast and perfectly.

  • DVD-TO-SVCD rips DVD to VCD and SVCD with excellent output quality easily.












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