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DVD-related Issues (1)

1. What is the Regional Code (area code)

DVD Union divides the whole world into 1-6 region according to the geography, and each DVD player and every one DVD will be locked in a given area can only

play (by the sale of the product locked in the corresponding area code ).For example: Taiwan belongs to No. 3, so you in the United States (of the District 1) to buy the DVD movies you will not be able to use in Taiwan to buy the players play, that is to say the film is locking the players must cope with encrypted (No. 1 movie with the District 1 area players, No. 2 District, District No. 2 movie with the player.) You can watch movies smoothly!


2. What is DVD's full name?


DVD is now the "digital multi-functional optical discs" (Digital Versatile Disc) short, you might also see (or hear) some people call it the "digital laser

video disc" (Digital Video Disc), the two titles are basically right, DVD only in the process of development, because the different features, and have

different titles, the next you may have heard HD-DVD "high-definition digital multi-functional optical discs."


3. the Origin of DVDs

The spring of 1994, the United States of the seven major Hollywood film company Warner, Colombia, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, UA, MGM, Viacom,

Disney and composition of an organization - "HDVA Group", taking into account the number of The high-definition television will gradually popular in the

family, the family of high-quality digital video will have great market potential, then the joint initiative, produced on DVD.
December 1994, Philips and Sony-led camp, and Toshiba and Time Warner began a camp led by the DVD format struggle, until December 1995, and the film in the

United States strongly urges the computer, was finally reached unified specifications.


4. What hardware equipment need to buy to play DVDs?


As long as buy DVD players, together with the TV at home, you can watch a DVD movie.
But if you want the real experience of DVD quality sound and picture quality, you have to buy a better audio-visual equipment (such as the family is now very popular cinema equipment) to be assisted by.


5. Why DVD can store more data than VCD?


DVD data capacity is about seven times the VCD.
This is because although the DVD and VCD is using the same technology to read CDs tablets deep in the information (optical reader technology), but the DVD

optical read the first point of light generated by the smaller (to the original 0.85 μ m Read the spot size reduced to 0.55 μ m), therefore, in the same

area on the size of discs (DVD and VCD the appearance of the same size), DVD data storage density can be improved, that is to say, DVD data capacity

Upgrading can be said to worship the first optical read thanks to the progress.


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