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Copy a DVD movie to a DVD±R with DVD-Cloner



DVD-Cloner is simple yet powerful DVD copy software in the DVD copy software market. It is easy to use and powerful enough to help you make DVD and Blu-ray copies. From user-friendly interface of DVD ripper to high copy quality and their tech support, it's an all around solution that we are quite sure you will like it as well. You can also enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee from DVD-Cloner Inc.


With DVD-Cloner, you can gain unparalleled quality picture;
With the innovative SRT™ technology of DVD-Cloner, you can copy and burn any latest DVD movies;
Under the customized DVD copy mode of DVD-Cloner, you can select the desired audio track and subtitles;
The intuitive and wizard-style interface of DVD-Cloner, even beginners can make DVD copy step by step easily.


How to copy a DVD movie to a DVD±R with DVD-Cloner?


1. Download and install the DVD burner and DVD ripper - DVD-Cloner.


2. Click icon and run DVD-Cloner.


3. Select the "Copy a DVD movie disc to a DVD±R (DL) or to the hard disk" copy mode.


4. Select a source DVD to copy and the DVD±R or the hard disk drive to burn.

Please insert the source DVD. If there are several readers in your computers, DVD-Cloner will automatically select the reader with a DVD movie and display the brief information of the movie. Then you can select to burn the movie either to a DVD±R or to the hard disk drive on this interface.

(1). Burn to a DVD±R (Default setting): When you enter this window, all the burners available will be displayed and the right one will be selected automatically.

(2). Burn to the hard disk drive: Click on the "Browse" button to select a directory to save the movie. By default this movie will be saved on the hard disk drive with VIDEO_TS FILE, which can be played back by the DVD software player. If you select "Save as ISO image", the movie will be saved on the hard disk drive with ISO file. (It can be burnt again or uploaded to the Internet easily.)


5. Select a copy mode. When you select a copy mode, two different interfaces will appear according to the movie size.

(1). When the source movie is less than 4.7G, you can choose DVD-5 related copy mode.

(2). When the source movie is over 4.7G, you can choose DVD-9 related copy mode.


6. Affirm the copy configuration. In this window there will be the task information. Make sure all the information is correct and click on the "start" button to begin burning.


7. Reading movie data


8. The burning process. If you have selected "Burn to the hard disk drive" in the 4th step, this step will be overleaped.

(1). If you'd like your computer to shut down after the copying completes, close all other programs and select "shut down system when finished."

(2). If you have a DVD reader and burner, please insert the source DVD into the reader and select the movie you'd like to burn. Make sure the movie information appears in the info bar. Then insert a blank DVD±R into the burner and click on the Start button. DVD-Cloner will automatically begin to read and burn, and won't prompt you to insert a DVD±R.


9. Completed!


Copy mode categories:

Note: a. When you select movie complete copy (or movie-only copy) and the audio and subtitle selection button, click on the "Next" button, the audio and subtitle selection window will appear.
         b. When you select customized copy, click on the "Next" button and the title and chapter selection windows will appear.


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