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Managed Blu-ray Copy



The serious DRM system of Blu-ray will be released a bit after April 2010, as the managed copy of Blu-ray comes. In short, managed copy of Blu-ray will make you have only one copy of one Blu-ray disc. Managed copy backups will be in low resolution (or HD buyer), which can make a rewritten Blu-ray or DVD, or a Windows media DRM.


More importantly, managed copy isn't an option that Blu-ray discs will have. The Blu-ray discs sold after the first quarter of 2010 will have to provide managed copy. But it is not the finial official paperwork. While the AACS, which handles Blu-ray security, has finalized its plans, studios have until December to sign the agreement. Although nearly all of the current Blu-ray and HD DVD players would either need a upgraded firmware or obsolete about playing new films.


What advantages you can take from it?


First of all the hardware you need to have is a Blu-ray or HD DVD drive. Thanks to Microsoft and the external Xbox 360 HD DVD drive, it is convenient to HD DVD.


Then you need some software that can help you deal with the AACS copy protection from your video and then make copies. You can use the latest version of Blue-Cloner. According to our experts' test and investigating, Blue-Cloner is the most reliable and remarkable Blu-ray copy software. Find more compare information on Best Blu-ray Copy Software Reviews.


The most useful benefit is that you can playback your HD films on systems that lack HDCP support. AACS was introduced which bought with it HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) that requires certain parts of your system (and software) to be HDCP compatible such as monitor, graphics card and VGA driver. As for Blu-ray, Blue-Cloner can also remove the region code. It is a good way to enjoy advanced discs from abroad and try to save some money.



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