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Blu-ray moves become more and more common and popular nowadays. The film industry does its best to make the new competition Blu-ray and HD DVD as safe as possible to prevent viewers to watch with unsafe hardware and make copies. The films themselves are protected by AACS. HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) ensure provide high-definition playback only available if the output device like TV and monitor is HDCP capable, unless the film is down sampled to 960×540p.


Germany's computer magazine CT apparently found a way to copy Blu-ray and HD DVD. The first film players on Win XP is support those protected films and allow the key "Print Screen" to save HD images of the current frame to computer. Automation screenshots function to 24/25/30 is reasonable. CT calculated that is would be possible to today's high-end computers to save all images in real time. All that was left to do is join all images. The result is so a high definition film does. It tested this exploit with Sony's first Blu-ray PC Vaio VGC-RC 204 and with Toshibas HD-DVD-Notebook Qosmio G30. Both were running a special OEM version of WinDVD. The upcoming version of the WinDVD will likely be repaired.


DVD-Cloner is excellent DVD copy software, as well as Blu-ray copy software. The Innovative SRT™ technology is integrated to ensure the highest level of success copying latest DVD/Blu-ray movies. And without any third-party tool, enhanced Blu-ray copy function enables you to enjoy high-definition movies without any extra expense.

1. DVD-Cloner may not support so many kinds of Blu-ray discs. To better support Blu-ray movies, you are recommended to click here to download and try DVD-Cloner Gold for free which contains DVD-Cloner and Open SmartBurner while copying all kinds of Blu-ray movies to the hard disk without any third party plug-in. For more information about DVD-Cloner Gold, please go to
For registered users of DVD-Cloner 2016 or its former version, please click here to upgrade to DVD-Cloner Gold with only $49.99.
2. You can also click here to try the free download version of Blue-Cloner which supports for copying most Blu-ray movies with various copy modes. If you have ordered DVD-Cloner, please click here to get 10% OFF for ordering Blue-Cloner.


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