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An Easy Instruction to Make a Copy of a DVD



DVD is an optical disc storage media format, which also known as "Digital Versatile Disc" or "Digital Video Disc". It's mainly designed for video and data storage. DVD can store more than six times as much data of CD, but in the same size dimensions.


DVD copy software is often also referred to as DVD ripping software. Essentially a DVD ripper copies a DVD to your hard drive for viewing, storing, converting or burning. The best DVD rippers make perfect 1:1 copies without quality loss. Most DVD rippers also support advanced functions like selective copying, compression and DVD decryption. The best DVD copy software can work with a wide range of formats including those utilized by online video sharing sites and those compatible with portable devices like iPods, Zunes and PSPs. We recommend DVD-Cloner which is the most powerful and reliable DVD copy software.


Here is an easy instruction:


Step 1: Insert

Insert the original DVD in the DVD driver bay and then close it using the button under, or on the side of the DVD Writer's front.


Step 2: Browse

Browse in the Computer Explorer by right clicking on start, and then explore. Then look at the side, here you will find a window that has "+" and "-" at the side of the words of the files. Click on DVD Drive, or if you can see it, click on the "+" of "My Computer" and then it will appear.


Step 3: Copy

Click on "Edit" in the left side of your window and click 'Select All'. Hold your mouse pointer on the blue highlighted area and right click, and then click "Copy".


Step 4: Paste

Eject your DVD that you wish to copy and insert an empty DVD. If the empty DVD is inserted, right click on the white open space of the folder and then click "Paste".


Step 5: Rewrite

The computer will then tell you there are files ready to be written to your disc. So now it's time to click on "Write These Files To Disc". Follow the prompts, and then you are finished!


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