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What you should know before copying DVD



Before copy your DVD movies, you should clear some points.


To copy a commercial DVD may be illegal. This depends on the country you live in and the aim of copying DVD. Copy videos or DVDs for your own personal use could be legal, but copy your friends' copyrighted videos or DVDs is illegal.


Most DVD movies are protected from casual copy. However, any protective measure is usually cracked later. And then most DVD copy tools can copy protected DVD movies.


Many DVD movies are dual-layer discs (DVD-9), which can only be directly copied to dual-layer recordable discs on a dual-layer drive. Now some DVD copy or DVD ripping software can compress a dual-layer DVD movie to a single-layer recordable DVD, with more or less picture quality loss.


DVD-Cloner is an easy-to-use DVD copy tool for both beginners or professions. It is powerful enough to copy DVD movies with copy protection. It support exact copy from DVD-5 to DVD-9, or DVD-9 to DVD-5. You can download a free trial version to have a try.


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