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It is so terrible to damage or lost your DVD movies! Why you don't have a backup tool around in case anyone broken your precious Rudy video or your baby crumb a whole season of Gossip Girl? The wisest move is to make copies of them with DVD copy software.


DVD-Cloner is a DVD burner and a DVD ripper. It can help you copy all your DVDs to your computer's hard drive, and ignore any copy protection mechanism. Here is the way to make copies of DVDs with DVD-Cloner.


Put the DVD disc you want to copy in the DVD drive on you PC. Open content of DVD using file manager, such as Windows Explorer, and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to a location on your hard drive.


In DVD, select the VIDEO_TS folder you copied to your hard drive in the first step. You'll receive a prompt notifying you of the restrictions that will be removed. Choose a copy mode and set the setting at your wills.


If you want to put this video on DVD to use DVD Shrink, DVD-Cloner can also remove the copy protection. If you use the free DVD, then all of your problems are solved. The greatest thing of DVD-Cloner is that it will also reduce the size of the video, so it will fit in a normal DVD instead of a dual-layer disc.


With DVD-Cloner, making a copy of you DVD has never been so simple and convenient!


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