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How to back up a DVD onto VCD



Do you want to back up your DVD onto a VCD in order to play it on a VCD player? Here is an easy guide to convert DVD to VCD. It is helpful for those with older laptops and computers that do not have DVD drives, or do not support all the DVD discs.


1) You should have a DVD ripping program that can rip DVD video from a DVD disc. Some DVDs are specially encoded and one program may not work with all DVDs. Read more DVD copy software reviews, and then find a DVD ripping utility from the best DVD copy software.


2) Here we recommend the DVD ripping software DVD-Cloner for its powerful functions and convenient use. It can compress your DVD into a file that fits your CD-R/RW. This will most likely be 700 MB or less.


3) Using a program such as Nero, NTI DVD Maker, or Roxio Easy DVD Creator, burn a VCD with the file you created with DVD ripping software DVD-Cloner.


4) Enjoy your video any time!


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