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Boost DVD Ripping Speed



Here are some useful methods of speeding up DVD ripping. First you should know what DVD ripping is. Ripping is the process of copying audio or video content to a hard disk, typically from removable media or media streams. DVD ripping software is a program that facilitates copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive. They are mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats, to edit or back up DVD content, and for converting DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices.


Install Latest ASPI Layers

As to this method of install ASPI layers, some people said it seemed to increase in DVD ripping speed, whilst others said it did nothing. Whatever, ASPI layers are easy to install/un-install, so just have a try. And check and update their latest version for your operation system.


With Enable DMA

DMA transfer is an option in modern drives which is an improved transfer method over PIO. With this enabled on both your hard drive and DVD-ROM drive, DVD ripping speeds can be significantly improved.

Steps to enable DMA for Windows XP:

Right click on "My Computer" on your desktop and select Properties. Click the Hardware tab and launch the Device Manager. Press the + sign to expand the trees of both "DVD/CD-ROM Drives" and "IDE Controllers". Double click your DVD-ROM drive, click the Advanced Settings tab and change the transfer mode to DMA if available. Repeat this step for the IDE channel which your hard drive is on. If the Advanced Settings tab isn't visible then you may need to activate DMA on your devices through your system BIOS during startup.


Re-install IDE Controller

Some people said that re-installing their primary IDE controller can boost the DVD ripping speed.

Steps to re-install Primary IDE Controller (Windows XP):

Right click on "My Computer" on your desktop and select Properties. Click the Hardware tab and launch the Device Manager. Press the + sign to expand the tree of "IDE Controllers". Right click your Primary IDE Controller and select Uninstall. Now re-boot your computer, and Windows should automatically re-install your IDE Controller.


Update Firmware

Some DVD-ROM manufacturers purposely limit the DVD ripping speed of their drives to avoide of making copies of retail DVDs. Normally, the limitation can be bypassed by flashing your DVD-ROM drive with an updated or hacked firmware, which also may allow you to make your DVD-ROM drive region-free. But flashing your device's firmware can result in permanent damage of your DVD-ROM drive. DO NOT undertake this step if you are uncomfortable with the risk!


Try another DVD ripper or another DVD-ROM drive

If you have tried many method, but the DVD ripping speed is still rather slow. You' d better use another DVD ripper or DVD copy software.

If none of these tips seem to work out for you and you're feeling frustrating, then you may want to look for another DVD-ROM drive.


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