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Owning to the copy protection, you can not make a copy of DVD videos with your computer, even the videos were made by yourself. But maybe you want to burn some extra DVD copies. That is a problem.


To burn an image may be a solution. The most common method is to use the DVD video editing software. In the software, reload all the DVD video files, and then produce another copy from scratch. But this could be crazy long process. You can use DVD copy software as an assistant. Choose the best DVD copy software and the best Blu-ray copy software will help you a lot. And read more DVD copy software reviews to learn more. And if you have delete the original DVD video, that's really a pity.


First when you burn your DVD, be sure to save a copy of the video as a "disc image" on your PC's hard disk. Video clips of almost all have made this choice, although some people use it, but even don't know what it is. A disc image is an exact copy of the files as they appear on the finished DVD. This lets you sell your old video clips and production files, because you don't have to. Of course, the valve can take a lot of space (4.7GB), in fact, but once you image, you can return your video editing program, make additional disc at any time to load the content.


Generally speaking, many experts suggest leaving a disc image on your hard drive, as an insurance policy. However, you will find your hard disk full of these huge files. So when you are absolutely, certainly know that you don't need more copies of your DVD, you may want to delete the disc images.


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