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In the present market, there are many DVD movie discs and there is much DVD copy software. To copy the DVD movie is easy to do, although most of the commercial DVDs are always protected Content Scramble System (CSS), which is a digital rights management scheme widely used. These programs can automatically remove any security on the DVD and let you copy DVD movies either to your computer or to another DVD. The No.1 software DVD-Cloner, chosen in the site Best DVD Copying Software Reviews, can copy CSS-encrypted, Region- protected and Sony ARccOS protected DVD movies.


DVD can store huge amount of data. Due to its large storage capacity, many DVDs are be compressed. And there is some software designed specially to make DVD compressed. Except those special DVD compressed software, much DVD copy software can help you compress DVDs in different ratio during the copying process. You can back up or copy the contents of a dual layer DVD to a single layer DVD using the powerful compression utility and run analyses of the original DVD.


You simply put the movie DVD in your DVD-ROM and then click on the "Movie complete copy" option or "copy only movie" option. The software will start analyzing the required DVD-encoded video files and then burn an exact copy onto the blank DVD. Usually, the copy speed is higher than common copy speed.


There are four types of compression to choose from - no compression, automatic compression, custom ratio (where you can enter the percentage of compression), and slideshow (which works with still pictures and sound playing in the background). Remember that the maximum compression setting will take more time than a normal compression setting, but will yield optimal result.


When you start compressing and copying the contents of the DVD, a progress bar will show how much of the content has been compressed and copied with the remaining time for the task to be completed. You can then specify the image recorder which will burn the DVD, such as DVD burner Nero.


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