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You should make copies of your own DVD



DVD is a digital versatile disc or digital video disc. Usually we buy DVD discs and play on DVD players. General speaking, the DVD collection cost lots of money and every disc is the only one piece. But DVD discs can be scratched or damaged. So to make copies of your DVD collection is a good way to protect your original DVDs.


What's the meaning of DVD copying, DVD burning, and DVD ripping? DVD copying and DVD burning are both referring to backup videos or movies form hard drive to CD-R/W disc or DVD-ROM. They are a data and info writing to DVD discs. DVD ripping means that to copy and decrypt the contents on DVD discs onto a hard disk.


First, DVD ripper will rip your original DVD to your hard disc on your computer. Then, DVD copy software will backup the data form the hard disc to another DVD disc. So you can play back your copied DVD on your computer or your home DVD player.


DVD-Cloner is a program that can burn and copy the data and format of the original DVDs onto a rewriteable DVD disc. DVD-Cloner is the latest version of the world's most reliable DVD/Blu-ray copying software. DVD-Cloner 2017 is the up-to-date and most reliable and DVD/Blu-ray copying software among the peers. It is an all-in-one DVD copying/burning/decrypting tool to make various customized copy modes, such as movie complete copy and movie only copy. The inventive SRT™ technology supports the copy of latest DVD movies through optimized codes.


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