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How to Put a DVD on Your PSP



PSP is becoming more and more popular and familiar nowadays. Besides playing games, its most use is to watch movie wherever. Compared with DVD movies, PSP movies are relatively a little dear and less. Put your DVD movies on your PSP is a legal and clever way.


1 Copy DVD to hard drive first, by DVD copy software or DVD burn software.

2 Use any PSP video converter to convert DVD to PSP format. Choose the movie file name you want to convert, and set the language. And then start the converting process.

3 If your movie is not in different parts, good. Then you can sit back and relax until your whole movie has been converted. If your movie is in different parts once the first part is finished. you will have to click on the second part and so on until you come to the last part.

4 After the process is finished, connect your PSP, turn it on and go to USB connection under settings.

5 Now go back to convert then back to copy and this time nothing should happen then if you click on the file you see under my computer then click on copy it should copy it to your PSP, if your movie is in files then click on each file separately in turn. AS the file is downloaded on your PSP you should see the file name under "My PSP". Your movie is now on your PSP in a PSP readable file.


Another convenient way

1 Download DVD copy software and use it to get the DVD on your computer with the following steps.

2 Insert your DVD and start DVD copy software.

3 Click the Mode menu and choose IFO. And in the setting menu, choose the IFO Mode tab. In the Options section, click the File Splitting field and set it to "None".

4 Click the folder icon to determine where DVD copy software should place your ripped files.

5 Use any video converter to convert it to mp4 6 Copy and paste the converted movie to your PSP.


No matter which way, to choose a right DVD copy program is the key point. Read more DVD copy software reviews and make comparison clearly before buy it.


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