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How to Rip a DVD



Ripping a DVD and copying it onto your hard disk or DVD disks is a very good way to make a backup, is a very convenient way to watch on your PC, iPod, iPhone, Zune etc, and is a very effective way to protect your original DVDS. Ripping a CD or DVD is a common activity performed by many DVD copying and DVD ripping programs.


Step 1

It is illegal to copy commercial DVDs for any purpose and use. However, in fact, you have the rights to copy your own DVD for your own personal use.


Step 2

Ripping DVD or copying DVD activity needs a DVD ripping program. You will find various DVD copying programs in the market. Legal threats have deterred some of the larger software companies from distributing DVD ripping software. So choose the famous DVD copying or DVD ripping programs from big and authorized companies. Do an online search on "DVD ripping software" or "DVD copying software" for a list of options. Compare different products, read any disclosures carefully, and look for non-biased reviews on the products to decide on the right product for yourself. "Best DVD/Blu-ray Copy Software Reviews" is a good site, where you can find valuable DVD copy software reviews and good DVD clone software.


Step 3

Launch the DVD ripping program on your computer. This is any program that can read DVD format, extract the digital information, and then encode it into a file format that is readable on your personal computer.


Step 4

Insert the DVD into your computer's DVD drive and follow the instructions of you DVD copying software.




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