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How to Protect DVD Discs


DVD discs are read by the laser. If disc surface is dirt or scratched it will cause an error. So how to maintain discs is very important for most DVD owners.



Many of us will select the discs with clean surface and no scratches when buying DVDs. But because sometimes impatient, or a number of discs have more or less scratches, most buyers will find a relatively good one.



During daily usage, we need to note the followings:


1 You can only touch the center or outer parts when holding a disc. Do not use fingers to touch the shiny disc surface. This is the most basic common sense.


2  Put the discs in the disc box when you are not using them.Add to the disk or disc players in the box to be careful not to damage discs are zoned.


 3 Disc player closed box to determine when the disc has been properly placed.


4 Discs to stay away from radiation body / body heat and avoid direct sunlight, do not let kids touch.Magnetic field on DVD discs have no impact.

 DVD discs store environment norms proposed for the temperature -20 to 50 ° C, relative humidity of 5 percent to 90 percent.



5 Storage disc, you should take care not stacked sideways then this will below the disc deformation, it should be Shufang.If the stuffing, put it to keep in mind the desiccant to avoid the rainy season supporters.


6 Discs as far as possible with a small plastic bag to remove the film, otherwise once melted, then you have the disc immortal dead.  


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