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1 Purpose of the Test

This is the DVD Copy Software testing report. It aims to analyze DVD Copy Software's performance and features to provide the theoretic basis for the compare chart. We are trying to figure out the most convenient and reliable DVD copy software for consumers' reference.


2 Theoretic basis

With the latest DVD copy software, protecting your movie investment is faster and easier then ever-making it possible for even the most inexperienced computer users to back up their DVD collection successfully. And, of course, making backup copies allows you to continue to use and enjoy your DVD copies, while your originals stay safe and unblemished.

DVD copy software should be a breeze to use and install, regardless of a person's computer experience, and should come with plenty of easy-to-use features. The software should also create the highest quality copies possible, should copy DVDs without problems and should interact well with other programs.


3 Testing platform

Testing Flat Roof
CPU (AMD)AM2 Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Motherboard (ASUS)M2N-E
VGACard (WinFast)WinFast PX7600 GS TDH
EMS Memory Kingston)1G/DDRII667
Hard Disk (Seagate)SATA 160G 8M
OS Windows XP



4 Testing Process

Step 1 : Searching for DVD Copy Software

We collected a large number of DVD copy software through various search engines, such as



We also search the software through the forum and other ways to find as much as we can.



Step 2 : Studying

We studied the capabilities and features of these DVD copy software.



Step 3 : Testing

Our professional software testing engineers used different kinds of movie discs to do the all-around tests.

Click the links below to see details of each testing report:

DVD-Cloner Testing Report
DVD neXt COPY Testing Report
CloneDVD Testing Report
Acala DVD Copy Testing Report
DVDFab Platinum Testing Report
Dvd95Copy Testing Report
CloneDVD(slysoft) Testing Report



Step 4 : Analyzing

According to our test result and customers' comments, we analyzed these DVD copy software's capabilities and compared them.



Step 5 : Conclusion

After analyzing and comparing these DVD copy software, we made the final compare chart ranking them from excellent to OK.


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